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Registration guide

What is Debu1000.com?

Our site is a site that offers high quality content for lovers of fat Japanese women.
We offer downloads of high quality movies and digital photo series in the form of members only 0 FP content and pay-per-view (PPV) content.

※0 FP contents for members only are updated monthly.
In order to enjoy all of our great contents, you will need to register at our site first.
When you register at our site, the following services will become available: ・Members only 0 FP movie downloads ・Members only 0 FP digital photo series downloads ・Sample movie downloads

For the following service you will need to purchase prepaid "Fat Points" (FP) first: ・PPV content (movies, digital photo series) downloads

Choose your membership type

Please choose your desired membership type from the list below.

Credit card payment
30 day membership90 day membership
180 day membership

※We will never charge you with extra fees such as overseas connections or Q2 connection scams.
※We will never give out our members' personal information to any third parties.
※We accept VISA, Mastercard or any of their partners for our credit card payment program.

※Please choose and click your desired membership type above.

Concerning credit card payment

■ For questions and support concerning billing information on payment by credit card, please contact e-mail addresses stated below.
Credit card support center
・Customers with on your credit card statement.
Support E-Mail:
・Customers with   ,  on your credit card statement.
Support E-Mail:

■ Concerning your billing statement
Your credit card bill will state oneof the above shown billing companies.

In case an error occurs after payment by credit card, one of the following issues may apply:
・The card number or expiry date was not filled in correctly
・For an unknown reason the card is unusable
・The payment was submitted using a credit card other than VISA, Mastercard or their affiliated credit cards.
・During membership registration an incorrect type of credit card was selected.
In case none of the above reasons applies, please contact your credit card company.

■In case the payment page is not displayed, please try changing Internet Explorer's settings using the following steps.
1. Download the latest version of Internet Explorer from http://www.microsoft.com/windows/internet-explorer/
2.Open Internet Explorer's version information in the help menu.
3.In case the displayed "cipher strength" is lower than 128 bit, please update or upgrade Internet Explorer through the official microsoft site.

■In case you didn't receive the confirmation e-mail
When the payment is completed an automatically generated payment confirmation e-mail from the billing company will be sent to the email address you filled in during registration. Please make sure that your e-mail software does not filter out e-mails from our site as junk e-mail and check your junk inbox or change your e-mail security settings.
In case you still do not receive the payment confirmation e-mail,

please contact our support team ⇒ Support page

■Concerning cancellation of membership
※※Membership account at our site will be automatically renewed upon its expiry. If you wish to cancel your membership, please submit cancellation form following the link below.
Please fill in your registration information and click the "Cancel" button. When the membership cancellation procedure is completed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail in the e-mail address you registered at our website.
Your membership account will be automatically renewed unless you submit us cancellation form. You shall submit us the cancellation form at least 10 days prior to the next payment.
Please note that after you cancel your membership, you can keep using our site until your current membership term expires.

cancel your membership ⇒ Cancellation form

Concerning security

verified Members with credit card payment
Our site has received an SSL certificate from Starfield, confirming our status as a secure site. While using our site you will notice the url will not contain http:// as usual, but https://, meaning you've entered a secure page. Any information entered on the site will be encrypted by a 256 bit cypher which can then be safely sent over the internet. Customers' credit card information will also be encrypted and then safely stored, so this can never fall in the hands of any third party.

Membership Agreement

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debu1000.com, the site for all you fat Japanese women lovers!

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